Ctrl+Paint is a fantastic selection of short, but very solid videos in many different areas when it comes to drawing, from brushes in Photoshop, art school, general drawing, etc.

I want to help you get past the confusing part.

Working in the game industry under tight deadlines forced me to come up with a dependable photoshop workflow. Ctrl+Paint is my attempt to organize these findings into clear, concise videos to share with the community. The Internet is full of tutorials. What makes these different? Here you’ll find a more ‘foundational’ resource. The videos on Ctrl+Paint will focus on basic principles and techniques that can be applied to your artwork. I believe strongly in explaining the ‘why’, not just the ‘how’.

More About the Author:

To see my Illustration, Concept Art, and sketchbook, visit www.mattkohr.com.
I’m currently available for freelance work. If you’re an educator looking for more specific instructional materials, I’m also available to give workshops and demos.

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