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Fabric Engine Inc

Fabric Engine Inc. has just gone public with a new web application platform (open beta), a computational engine, that will enable web developers to tap into a computer’s multi-core power to bring multi-threaded performance in a web browser.

Up til now, web applications remain single-threaded, unable to tap into the computing muscle of multi-core hardware. When performance is paramount, developers resort to compiled code. The implications of this new technology for 3D graphics, media and entertainment, engineering, medicine, social media, and for web development in general, are huge.

“I worked previously at AVID Softimage and Phil Taylor was an inventor of CAT,” explains Paul Doyle, CEO of Fabric Engine Inc. “We stayed in touch and Phil had been working on a prototype that we both agreed would, performance-wise, be revolutionary.”

Using web technologies for the front end, they knew there were hundred of thousands of people developing widgets and buttons in Javascript and as Doyle puts it, he could “stand on the shoulders of giants for free, by building a native framework and uses html at the front end.”

SOURCE: CG Society
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SOURCE: CG Society